Reel Alert®

Visualize fish strike activity at night with precision. No more neck strain from looking up at rod-mounted glow sticks. When multiple rods in use, highlights the one the fish is hitting - day and night.

     Price $10 each including glow sticks                 

True Strike Indication with Reel Alert®

Reel Alert clips on the spinning reel after a cast. Activate your Baitrunner or set the drag. Line is pulled off the reel when a fish takes the bait. In the dark, you are alerted to the reel rotation by the flashing light. In the light, Reel Alert's safety orange color highlights the rotating reel from a distance. Please see how it works in the video.



Accurate Strike Detection

Never before has there been such a simple and effective way to determine strike activity with such precision in darkness or low light conditions.

Attaches Directly to Your Spinning Reel

The three prongs of the Reel Alert attach securely to the top disc of a spinning reel. The disc diameter should be between 2-1/4 inches (57 mm) and 3-1/8 inches (79 mm) for best results.


Made of Injection-Molded Plastic

The Reel Alert is lightweight, weather resistant and extremely durable.

Assembles in 3 Easy Steps

1. Secure the glow stick into the clips of your Reel Alert. 2. Snap the cap in place. 3. Attach the Reel Alert to your spinning fishing reel. (Please see the video)

"Unbelievable product. Stepped up my night fishing big time. Great concept that works perfectly every time."

- Capt. A. Perez

About Us

The idea of the Reel Alert came about from night surf fishing for striped bass at Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. On one of our outings, Jordan (our youngest partner) thought of a way to bring the strike indicator light source down from the top of the fishing rod to the top of the spinning reel to get a truer strike indication. Reel Alert was developed over four years and was recognized in 2015 with a US patent. We organized The Fish Element, LLC to take Reel Alert to the recreational fishing market.

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